6th Digital Pathology & AI Congress

December 4 – 6, 2019 | London, UK | Booth #19


Learn more about how Akoya’s platforms, applications and methods are being used by top labs globally to better understand complex biology in intact tissue samples.

  • Attend Pre-Conference Workshop (Wednesday December 4th, 9:00 – 11:30 AM)
  • Visit Booth # 19 and meet our Technical Experts

Preconference Workshop

Proxima™: A New Whole Slide Spatial Biomarker Analysis Platform

Spatial biomarker discovery and exploration tools for the assessment of multiplex immunofluorescence tissue sections produce a wealth of data in high dimensional space. Many times, these tools are often locally based, leading to bottlenecks in the processing of large studies and difficulty in data sharing. To enable collaboration across geographical and organizational boundaries, reproducible results in the face of changing IT departments, and scalable computing power, organizations are deploying cloud-based, digital pathology workflows.

At this workshop, Akoya Biosciences, will present Proxima, its newest digital pathology platform for the management and analysis of multiplex immunofluorescent digital slides. We will discuss a strategy that will enable organizations to operate existing workflows without disruption as they transition to the cloud, while applying new tissue analysis tools for deeper understanding of spatial biology.

  • Organizational management of their cloud-based user pool: assigning roles and permissions on a per-study basis
  • Authenticated and secure login for access to shared imagery and analysis results
  • Open-source script sharing for flexible data exploration
  • Scalable, cloud-based processing for rapid whole slide analysis and mapping/visualization of complex spatial interactions between cells

Guest Speaker:

Dr. David Mansfield, Higher Scientific Officer — Translational Immunotherapy Team
The Institute of Cancer Research, University of London


Ros Lloyd, Technical Applications Scientist

Dan Walker, Product Management, Phenoptics

Dan Eversole, PhD, Product Management, Tissue Analysis Software