CODEX® Antibodies

CODEX® Antibody Categories

CODEX Antibodies are provided individually and can be mixed and matched to design panels for the simultaneous analysis of up to 50 biomarkers.

Akoya provides fully validated CODEX Antibodies and a list of supplemental antibodies that have undergone varying levels of testing. 


CODEX® Inventoried Antibodies

CODEX Inventoried Antibodies are supplied by Akoya and have passed the full CODEX Antibody Validation Process and manufacturing quality control. Our inventoried antibodies are also fully supported by our field support team. 

Additional details about our validation process are outlined in our tech note.

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CODEX® Screened Antibodies

CODEX Screened Antibodies are not inventoried or supplied by Akoya but include a list of clones that have been purified and successfully conjugated to CODEX barcodes and have shown positive staining signal in secondary lymphoid tissue. The clones are commercially available from other antibody vendors but require conjugation by the end user. CODEX Barcodes and the associated conjugation protocol are available through Akoya.

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Coming Soon! CODEX® Community Antibodies

The CODEX user base is growing and we will be encouraging collaboration across our customer sites to share their list of CODEX-tested clones and protocols. These CODEX Community antibodies, while demonstrated to be compatible with the CODEX instrument, will not be sold through Akoya. Conjugation will be required by the end user. CODEX Barcodes and the associated conjugation protocol are available through Akoya.


CODEX® Antibody Custom Panel Design

Akoya’s CODEX system provides users the flexibility to create panels comprised of Akoya-validated antibodies or clones labeled with CODEX Barcodes using the custom conjugation kit. Users can use the CODEX Conjugation Kit and individual CODEX Barcodes to robustly prepare clones from third-party antibody suppliers.


** Antibody format, clone screening methods and qualification metrics are detailed in the CODEX Conjugation User Guide.