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phenoptrReports & phenoptr

phenoptrReports & phenoptr

The phenoptrReports package provides an easy-to-use, front-end GUI to run your phenoptr spatial analysis. In addition to its powerful tools to analyze spatial relationships between cellular phenotypes and visualize their relationships overlaid the tissue, phenoptrReports provides the ability to (a) phenotype co-expressing markers, (b) determine the quality of your unmixing library, and (c) display results in shareable, easy-to-read data reports.


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Both the phenoptr and phenoptrReports packages are updated on a near monthly basis based on user feedback. Please click the ‘Register for Updates’ button above to be notified as new versions are released.

Data analysis tools include:

  • Spatial map viewer provides nearest neighbor visualizations overlaid tissue
  • Reports spatial analysis metrics for nearest neighbor, proximity (“counts within a radius”), and touching cells
  • Advanced phenotype reporting – reporting of cells expressing multiple markers
  • Unmixing quality analysis – how well will your library unmix an equivalent multiplex image
  • Shareable data reports (html and word documents)
  • All consolidate data reports provide in .xls file output for further analysis
  • Analysis Audit Trails
  • Publication quality image files of all charts and figures

Additional functionality only available in phenoptr

  • Phenotypic density measurements across a tissue segmentation boundary – includes publication quality plots and .xls files